Episode 10:

How to Save 2 Hours A Day by Working Smarter

Morgan’s Productivity Hacks for Improved Time Management

What can you do in two hours? Maybe that doesn’t sound like much time, but if you’re an entrepreneur launching a business or managing a team, two extra hours probably sounds like an impossible luxury. With a few simple tips that don’t cost a penny, you can take those two hours back and regain control of your calendar, your business, and your life. So if you’re feeling burnt out and frustrated with a seemingly endless pile of to-dos, this episode is for you.

Define Your Why

You’ll never find the discipline to change your ways if you don’t know why you’re fighting the good fight. Brainstorm three things you could do with two extra hours each day. Visualizing the end goal will motivate you to transform small baby steps into fully-formed habits.

After her first round of funding, enter Harlem Capital. Harlem was a new venture at the time, focused on helping Black startups. Morgan quickly realized that her vision and Jarrid’s aligned perfectly, so after a memorable business brunch, they took a chance on each other!

Face The Scary Truth

Take a hard look at the ways you’re already spending your time. What’s working? What’s not? Before you can move forward, you must take a hard look in the mirror and honestly analyze the time sinks (and time wins) all around you.

Recalculate Your Calendar

Your calendar should be structured in a way that intentionally maximizes workflow. For example, it may be beneficial to stack meetings, send emails, and push projects out the door on Mondays before the end of the week comes and you find yourself pushing everything that’s left to the following week.

Energy Management 101

Think about when you’re the most productive. Everyone has a golden hour! Are you a morning person or a night owl? Now, look at your five biggest time sinks every day – what’s eating away your hours? Take those time sinks and schedule them for your peak productivity hours so the work gets finished quicker.

Automate Everything

Set up reminders, have canned responses ready to go, and use Gmail tags. Also learn to work more efficiently with the tools you’ve got. Learn shortcuts to your most commonly used apps and automate reporting. While it may seem small, increase the speed of your mouse, your browser, and invest in faster WiFi. Those precious minutes waiting for a document or a site to load can compound into precious hours, even days, over time. 

Do Less Better!

Last but not least, prioritize, prioritize, prioritize. Write down three things you must accomplish in a day – think big picture strategy items, work that moves your business forward quickly – and attack those before anything else. Your focus should be on work that impacts your ROI. 

Homework Time

So stop wasting time and start maximizing the tools and systems around you to save minutes and, of course, money. Just think: what would you do with extra time? Write down a few things – it can be cooking, sleeping, or scaling – and tape them to your wall for some time-saving inspiration. 


Remember: work smarter, not harder.

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[00:25] Morgan’s intro to this episode

[01:21] Find your why

[02:19] Figure out what’s working (or not)

[02:48] The art of calendar management

[03:28] Eliminate time sinks

[04:53] Automate, automate, automate

[06:28] Work more efficiently with the tools you have

[09:50] Automate reporting

[12:16] Do less better

[13:26] Morgan’s closing thoughts


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