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Episode 19:

How to Scale Your Agency to the Next Level

Live Coaching Call with Tivi Jones of Hey Awesome Girl

We’re kicking off a multi-part Entrepreneur Series, in which we highlight former WorkSmarters and their business journey. Over the coming weeks, Morgan will sit down with service and product-based entrepreneurs to discuss their business models, their team structure, and to coach them through their current business challenges. These episodes will be packed with gems and action steps for any current and aspiring entrepreneurs. Get a BTS into the WorkSmart program and its 5 milestones and take notes – because this series will help elevate you and your business to the next level.


In this episode, Morgan chats with Tivi Jones, founder and CEO of the creative studio Hey Awesome Girl. Tivi is a marketing communications executive with experience leading multi-functional marketing teams for media companies, nonprofits, government agencies, and more. Tivi was a member of the September 2020 WorkSmart Cohort. Since her WorkSmart cohort, she’s been able to grow her team from 3 employees to 10 and grow her client billing from about $15,000 to $50,000 per month and is still working to implement the gems learned in WorkSmart.

In the last portion of the episode, Morgan offers live coaching with Tivi to spot her company’s current growth pain points and to offer strategic feedback for her next phase of business.

Lessons from the WorkSmart program

A year after Tivi’s WorkSmart cohort, she’s been able to grow her team from 3 employees to 10 and grow her client billing from about $15,000 to $50,000 per month and is still working to implement the gems learned in the program.


“I’m actively working to expand and take up new space and inspire other women to do the same in business and in life,” she wrote in her application last year. Before the program, Tivi had just hired her first full time employee and was still setting up payroll. “I knew I needed some help to actually make this thing pop.”

Embracing the CEO mindset

One of the biggest lessons Tivi learned during the WorkSmart program was how to embrace the CEO mindset. It starts with calling yourself a CEO and leads to you making CEO decisions for your business. One way Tivi has incorporated this practically is through ‘CEO Time’ on her calendar. (And she has her Director of Operations hold her accountable for that time!)

Building a creative agency

Tivi started Hey Awesome Girl in 2016 to combine her marketing expertise with a mission driven focused on empowering women of color. “We’re leading with celebrating women.” Hey Awesome Girl provides marketing, design, video development, animation, and branding support to companies with an entirely virtual team.

Finding community through the WorkSmart experience

Tivi’s cohort still keeps up a strong community one year later. They have an Instagram group called Future WorkSmart millionaires and have a monthly check in call. Through these relationships, Tivi and her peers work through tactical problems and offer support for each other. “You’re going to get this amazing framework for growing your business through the WorkSmart program, but you’ll also get a community.” 


“If you invest in that community, that community will invest in you.”

The five milestones of the WorkSmart program

Morgan’s five milestones for the program include: Master Yourself, Master Your Team, Master Your Data, Master Your Revenue and Master Your Growth. “You are your main employee. Nobody is going to work harder, be more efficient than you. Nobody is going to care more about your business.” Scaling your business starts with how you manage your time. 



Remember: work smarter, not harder.

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