Episode 5:

Nikki Walton On How to Manage Stress As An Entrepreneur

Sit up taller. Unclench your jaw. Relax Your Stomach. Do you feel different? Sometimes, these few seconds of relaxation can transform your day. It may feel small, but Nikki Walton’s mission in life is to help people like you take small steps forward in their personal wellness journey.


Whether you’re a mom of four or an employer of 400, it’s your responsibility to find your center and connect with the truest version of yourself. Only then can you best serve family, clients, and the employees who look to you for leadership. Because managing a company isn’t just about managing employees. It’s about managing yourself.

A Snapshot of Nikki’s Journey

Now an advocate for self-care and self-love, Nikki’s journey started when she looked in the mirror and didn’t love what she saw. She couldn’t accept her natural hair and felt bound by society’s definition of true beauty. So she started attending forums on natural hair and went to each one with new information, new products, and new tips for fellow women. After encouragement from the forum, Nikki started a site.


In her early years as an entrepreneur, Nikki advocated for the freedom of loving your natural skin and hair. Today, that message of freedom manifests in advocacy for self-love.

Stay Grounded

As you reach the top, it’s easy to succumb to other people’s expectations of success. But if you’re going to make the best decisions for yourself and your business, you need to stay grounded and learn to manage yourself first. When the going gets tough, Nikki has advice for staying the course. One, reach out to someone you trust for advice. Two, take time to sit quietly and listen to your own intuition. Your mind is an antenna that will attract what’s best for you. But the answers only come when it’s quiet.

Reframe Your Self Talk

Everyone has an inner voice. What’s yours? Is it kind? Hesitant? Maybe self-deprecating? Now is the time to reclaim your inner-monologue and learn to reframe it rather than simply tuning it out. Instead of sitting in the pain of self-doubts, remind yourself that you’re only hurting because your inner-voice isn’t true. So if you hear, I’m going to mess up, hear it, remind yourself that it’s not true, and move on. Once you differentiate your inner-voice from your real voice, you’ll find the confidence to push forward.

A Permission Slip For Peace

Many of us only allow ourselves joy on special days. Beach days, Saturday mornings, paydays. But what if we could harness that feeling and carry it everywhere? Nikki calls that feeling self-love and, through practice, she’s learned to harness it always. Even when life is stressful and chaotic and moving a million miles an hour.

To Serve Others, Serve Yourself

Nikki’s passion is making others feel better and, the truth is, spirituality is good for business. Becoming your true self will manifest into great work. Despite what “hustle-culture” may say, as CEO, self-care is your responsibility.

What started as a hashtag reminding others to step into the best version of themselves has transformed into a conference with twenty speakers. In her upcoming summit, Nikki and friends cover spirituality, entrepreneurship, beauty, creativity, and wellness.

Remember: work smarter, not harder.

Homework Time

As Nikki reminds us, if you don’t have 20 minutes to meditate, you need to meditate for 2 hours. So your challenge this week is to carve out 20 minutes and sit quietly. Ask yourself, What am I excited to do today? And what am I excited to create today as an entrepreneur?


Also remember to practice gratitude. Rather than saying, I have to do this, say, I get to do this. Waking up each morning is a blessing and that’s something we often forget.


Remember: work smarter, not harder.

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[02:45] Nikki’s entrepreneurial journey

[07:52] How Nikki stays grounded

[16:06] Rerouting your inner-critic

[21:05] Harnessing love at all times

[27:24] How and why Nikki serves others

[34:51] All about Nikki’s BeHer Summit


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